Saturday, 26 January 2013


Hello my Lovelies, hope your week went well and you are all feeling perky! 
why am I so happy I hear you say? Well, I am exam free until the summer.. WOO which means I am for a little while stress free.. *dances internally*

What happened this week?
well as you can tell by the mood, I have finished my exams, and this weekend I have been to 3 parties.. yes you heard me! 3.. never has my social life been (as the young ones say..) "booming". You are probably thinking, who on earth would want too see me 3 times! well there was.. Band *sound the nerd alarm* where we had our annual new year meal/concert/being drunk around posh people party, it's cooler than it sounds.. honest! no i am joking it is insanely nerdy but lets swerve past that... I then went to my friends for a chillaxing evening, which was chilled as we watched many funny youtube clips and played air hockey.. which I lost at, which didn't surprise anyone.. I am the least sporty person E V E R.
Finally there was the end of exam party, which hopefully I might be able to attend but there is so much snow D: it has ruined all of my plans *sigh*
One thing I am obsessed with currently is movies, I think everyday/night I am watching a film, which I aren't sure if it's really sad or really awesome. Comment below what you think.. About commenting, if you ever want me to blog about something please let me know I am always up for new ideas and inspiration :) I am all ears!
what else happened,, oh I have changed my signature image! I bet you are all incredibly excited for that!
And finally of course was all the snow which has been highly desruptive as on Tuesday I thought 'oh poo I wont get to my exam' which to my dads response he said "Well I will take you in the digger".. yeah.. he didn't need to, shame that.

AOTW: my artist of the week this week deffo has to be the Kooks! After having a rather surreal week I have really enjoyed relaxing,chilling and warming up to the Kooks! I think my new found old fave is 'see the sun' such a lovely chirpy tune! However I think the whole album 'konk' is very good! So if you love the kooks great, if you haven't heard them in ages wapp them on! and if you haven't ever heard of them.. LISTEN TO THEM NOW!

Now onto the fashion:
OOTW: Ripped denim Jeans from Topshop which are really old now, I was surprised when I wore them yesterday that still fit.. It was one accomplishment :') I wore this with a simple grey vest and my Green Parka from Camden Market!
I have made some new shorts.. *pause for applause* Which I am highly proud off, they are made from Old Levi jeans they were £10 from a vintage store in York, I think the shop is the find of the year! Everything is a tenner :D its rather amazing! 
One of the things I am trying to do this year is to save my money and wear ALL of my clothes and only buy something if I: 1. need it 2. it is reallllly cheap and 3. if I am going somewhere posh.
Well, this has already failed as I bought another maxi dress, but it is nothing like the ones I currently own.. promise! It's from ASOS, which of course justifiably is really good!
here is an image:
I think this is such a good piece to own as you can dress it up and down and will go with lots, so this isn't just a dress, it is a life investment. *thank you*
If anyone has any ideas on what I can wear to an interview for UCA - then please let me know because I am still struggling for ideas!!

As always you can find all the images on my tumblr :)
*Oh as a disclaimer I am really relaxed about my writing so in-case you think it's too informal well.. I aren't serious person, if you don't like what you read then just don't! But I am so thankful for all of you who support me regardless..!*

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  1. You're week seemed very exciting!

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