Thursday, 18 August 2011

Thursdaily Review : A sad day

top - jigsaw
Shorts - handmade by me and my nana
belt - free with a pair of trousers from newlook
glasses - RayBan (R.I.P)

So to start the ball rolling, i am doing a Thursdaily review of what has happened to me during the week some sad and some happy! i may also talk about some new music i have recently discovered or talk about music i am really addicted to!

1.So, yesterday i came home from lunch with my mum to find my beloved RayBans' destroyed as my dad sat on them £96 in the bin. i think a funeral is needed. boo.
2.Went down to work last night and found out after 10mins i wasnt needed SCORE! so i get paid for one hour for doing nothing... i do love my job
3. Results for GCSE.. 1 week.. bricking it

On with a little bit of music a very good song of which i have known for a while and listened to loads i am still very much addicted to "shuffle - Bombay bicycle club" its so different to their other music and so happy it always wapps a smile on my face.
it also has the most amazing lyrics "say you mean it seal it up, say you wanna try, say you haven't had enough say you wanna... once you get the feeling it, wants you back for more, says its gonna heal again, you wont make the call. One step back your leaving it. But now its moving on, why wont you believe in it till its gone?" i know that's rather long... but i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.
i really recommend it ;)
Also i am looking forward so much to hear the new album from the kooks, i am so happy to find out that they are making new stuff woo :D

By the way, i hope you all like my beloved shorts of which i am wearing in the piccys above.. they mean a lot to me and they are so comfy and different and free :)

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