Saturday, 20 August 2011

a sunny sunday and one very good friend

well i didn't get to post my post yesterday as i was busy with my family.. so 'fun Friday' will have to be put on hold. sorry about that!
Also you will notice there isn't a picture on this blog again i am sorry i haven't had time as i have been working :/ and had a cheeky catch up with the girls in the sun. on this glorious day ;) (oh and of course working...)

But i would like to dedicate this blog to a certain someone. There is one friend of whom i haven't spoken to in 4years and i met him a few weeks back and we are now the best of friends. the convo's go on forever, we just click! like a jigsaw! he seems to get me and everything i stand for. which for me is the most amazing thing i could want! he is one of the most amazing people i have ever met and he is so truthful, and everything i could need in a friend. i wouldn't change you for the world thanks for being you :) (he is also insane..)

sorry this blog hasn't had anything to do with fashion or music.. but i felt like i had to share this with all of you :)

a bit of music for you quickly, you all should listen to the song 'keep your head up - Ben Howard'
the lyrics are amazing such a good song to sit and listen to i would recommend it to all of you as you can sit and chill to it after a long day.

Thanks Amie X

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