Friday, 4 May 2012

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so you have all probably noticed i haven't posted in ages.. i am a failure. and i am sorry to you all D:

i should maybe give my excuses...
1. i have actually been revising for my exams which start in over a week... BRICKING IT!!!

2. i have a boyfriend now... i know eeeekkk... i didnt see it coming either, so as you can imagine i have been spending time with him! 
but as you are all probably aweare i am trying to remember that i need to carry on blogging! so to keep me reminded i am going to do it after each exam and give you all an update ;) i know awesome :D

so i have been wearing really chilled out stiff recently mainly because i have been wwaayyy to tired to care about what i put on :/ i know that isnt like me at all! even i am shocked! 
but as always i keep on wearing my jewellery.. i am stilll addicted to wearing it! i recently got an ear cuff from topshop.. i got it as a little silly thing i thought i would only wear once! but i wear it loads.. its really cool! i have also recently discoverd my old jeans 'pippa - topshop' i think i got them in year 8, and the best thing is they fit me so so well! i love them, and i wear them loads now.. i think a jump for joy is needed that i still fit into the jeans!!
as per normal i am stocking up on the denim shorts.. i practically live in themm i think i have around 10 pairs now D: i am so so sad!

i think the next step for me is: more skater dresses and blouses! comment if you want to tell me where some nice ones are!

i feel that i maybe should rant about how some people drive, (i have recently started!) i think some van drivers need to slow down and take into consideration that there is some very nervous/panicy drivers of whom dont want to be rammed at by a moody old man in a van. rant over.

 the best thing is this is a hoodie i wore when i was 11 and is still huge!
(i have never been able to take a 'normal' nice picture.. and since i am really happy
i thought why not!!)

music wise i am still the same.. i barely change my taste anymore :/ so i havent really got much to say! other than check out Rae Morris - Don't Go. her voice is very soothing and i am totally addicted to her :)

thank you for reading 
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Amie x 

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