Tuesday, 15 May 2012

first exams.. oh dear

so i had my first exam today.. it was on Russia.. holy crow i was lucky as i got the questions i wanted so granted i shouldnt complain! but i have an exam everyday this week.. EVERYDAY. i decided i needed a break and so i am sticking to the plan and blogging after every exam to share my thoughts!
1. why do they say students dont try for A levels.. i have worked my butt off. please stop saying that

2. why have they done the exams so its all in one clump? NOT HAPPY
3. i am majorly stressed.. and i know people say 'well stop broadcasting it' well i am on my break let me complain or i will get stressed more.
4. if i want to have a break and go on twitter i will.. there is no rule which says i cant..
5. if i want my boyfriend to come over after my exam and comfort me i am sure he can, why do people say its a bad move? i need a hug.. so i think it is right that i ask him..
rant over.

so even though we have had this terrible weather, i have decided to wapp out the ole fake tan.. and i think its pretty good.. and i feel summery (finally!) cant wait to wear my new raybans in the summer :D (oh yeah i got some new ones as my dad broke the other ones -.-)
i have an addiction to over saying 'literally' oh dear!! and also i am using emoticons way too much.. i think i am troubled under exam stress.. oh dear! and i looks like 'oh dear' is also over used.. i am sorry!

so fashion wise... i have really been chilled out lately.. its really strange of me :/ i mean i am currently needing new tops.. and a big denim jacket but i suppose when i go to primark i shall find what i need ;)

top: primark
belt: new look
skirt: topshop
this outfit is so simple and i rarely wear black.. but its so comfy and when doing exams i dont feel like wearing anything too fancy or i get uncomfortable :/ so for tomorrow's exam i am thinking my skater dress from topshop (image tomorrow)
my makeup has been strange recently, i havent been wearing eyeliner at all, which is unusual but it looks very spring and look very fresh which is always a good thing haha!

more on music tomorrow.. time to revise! 
good luck to all have an english exam also tomorrow D:
thanks for reading, like and comment
Amie x


  1. loving the bedding!! i have it too, good ol BHS!

    also loving your blog

    following you, would love a follow back!


    1. haha i for one love that bedding :)
      thank you very much - i shall check it out