Sunday, 3 June 2012

no more exams YAY

so with exams done I have one whole week to relax, possibly the most amazing feeling ever!

so what did i do to celebrate- went to a Harvey Nichols fashion party and got loads of freebies... i was buzzing! i would usually put up some pics but sadly my camera is at my friends house due to a end of exams party :/ sad times!! wine and vodka dont mix well.. blergh..
i got: moschino earphones & Versace bag free with perfume! Flossy shoes and Nails Inc Nail varnish - i call that one huge success (y)

fashion wise i have been wearing my shorts again and i am really into wearing denim and denim, huge fashion no no but i think it looks pretty cool for the grunge look!
i have also dip dyed some bits of my hair a reddy orange... not sure if it was a good idea but i thought why not!! as 1D say.. YOLO :')

as i mentioned i went to party of which i was wearing this fluffy hat all evening it was so comfy.. and so warm!
still trying to find some a new blouse,, any help would be appreciated :) haha

jacket: Topshop
Top: Topshop

i now have dye on both front party of my hair - this was early in the night when i was testing... 

music wise i am still the same - i would suggest checking out spector and maximo park they are two amaze bands (y)
addicted to red hot chili peppers... hehe!!!
NEWS: going to see Coldplay on thursday, i may do a quick blog in the car along the way on my phone.. so stay tuned!!
thanks for reading - like and comment,,
amie xx

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