Tuesday, 12 June 2012

gah year 13 - its not all doom and glooom!

this is so depressing started year 13 already and i am sick of the depressing talk of 'its going to be really hard - so keep on top of it' I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THAT! gah i hate it so much and i cant drop psychology until September talk about torture -.- stressing already and its what.. 2days in D: #longyearahead not only that but my body clock is ruined! i woke up so late i had to get ready in 10mins... it hasn't been my day today! literally had to find something in my wardrobe and sling it on and hope for the best!! hopefully it will be better tomorrow... please?
luckily i shall be 18 soonish and i am going to Paris in a month so its not all doom and gloom!

so fashion wise - i have been wearing this INCREDIBLE cameo jacket my brother gave me from his cadet uniform.. which saved me £30 in arc so as you can tell i am over the moon! i wear it with everything and its very comfy, though some people said i look ridiculous but i don't dress for others. i dress for me.
and as for the people who say i dress horribly its called originality you should get some :) (sorry this is so ranty..!) also been wearing my blouses as per usual so nothing has changed reeally! 

within all this been thinking i may get a small tattoo in my wrist so that's also something for me to think on!
note to self: dont wear red and green ever again! and get some deck shoes&creepers!
if any of you have any advice on creepers that would me much appreciated!

music: think i should do a top 10 as i haven't done one in AGES!

10. Grimes - her new singles Oblivion & Genesis.. i cant make my mind up if i like them or not.. they are really out there but they are so so cool and different... hmmm
09. Jack White - my boyfriend (harry) got me into him he has been trying for ages and i finally caved and omg! so so addicted freedom at 21 is my fave his voice blows me away every time
08. Friends - a new band on the scene and i find their new single 'friend crush' really groovy (cringey word sorry!) but it relaxes me and so different!
07. Jessie Ware - her dubstep music has this new feel to it almost pop but not! very cool and BIG summer tunes '110%' is my fave
06. Spector - New band to the scene and i love them! very dancey feel good songs but yet very indie.. new single 'Celestine' one of my fave songs right now
05. Ben Howard - i couldnt do a top 10 without him on here...
04. AlunaGeorge - new singer to the block and her new single 'You know you like it' been a big thing for many Radio 1 DJ's very catchy and again big for the summer
03. Newton Faulkner - New single 'Clouds' amazing. 
02. Icona Pop - girl duet, electropop, 'Nights Like This' 'Manners' listen. so so catchy. Summer. amazing!!!
01. Niki and The Dove - my favourite band. Words can't describe my utter love for them! *speechless* New album 'Instinct' Out NOW!!! listen to 'the fox' amazing! they are going to be at Leeds - get your ears in the tent to see them!!!!!!

sorry this was so wordy!!

thanks for reading - like and comment
Amie xx

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