Friday, 22 June 2012

uni confusion

is it just me or is finding a uni so god damn hard? there is so much choice and i am the most indecisive person EVER!! 
so what brought me on to this... going to a uni day at Leeds Met with 142 uni's.. yeah instead of helping me, it has just made my thought processes harder -.- so THANKS! and to add to this.. i have 24 prospectus's D:
this is going to be a chore to whittle it down to 5!! i feel so bad for the uni's that i have to throw away :( this is just horrible times!

Not only this - but i went to a gap year seminar and that appealed to me also -.- so i am even more lost (even though the chances of me taking one is like.. 3% so meh!)
it was also raining ALL DAY so i was drenched.. all this = Not my day!!

for those who read this thinking 'what does she want to do?' i want to take Fashion Journalism :) or Music Journalism or anything to do with Fashion Communication or Magazine/online Journalism - so blogging will help!
for those who think 'wow this is boring and she is crazy!' i am sorry and i shall do something 'normal' soon

for now i shall leave you with Poliça.. her new/debut album give you the ghost is INSANE! have a listen!

thanks for reading this short blog!
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Amie x x

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