Friday, 8 June 2012


news off this half-term.. went to see coldplay.OMG what an amazing show!!
they really did impress me and i was in touching distance of Chris himself.. i almost died haha!! what i loved was the idea of the wrist bands lighting up, amazing idea to get everyone involved with it all... I am still in amazement!!!
was stood next to some really nice people and made a new friend i think she was called laura.. not too sure :/ any who she was lovely :')

and i wasnt too excited for the show because yeah i love coldplay but i arent crazy for them..however it is the best show i have been to.. Big thumbs up! and they played all my faves.. so i am happy haha! the only thing is.. it rained the WHOLE time we were there so i was drenched *sigh* so i had to do the quick change into the PJ's in the car... smooth... Don't act like you have never done it before!!

Preview from behind me, my dad took it as he is so tall!
Chris Martin with all the confetti i was right on the barrier 

on smaller..more depressing yet normal, news i have been very busy with doing nothing this half-term catching up on sleep and movies! so i have been watching Wild Child.. i havent seen it in ages and i have watched it everyday.. i love it so much hahaha! i am so sad...

hopefully i shall be posting next week... I WILL remember :P

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Amie xx

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