Monday, 25 June 2012

marble nails

so recently me and one of my good friends decided we should try out something new: Marble nails!! possibly the best thing i have done in AGES! even though it did take a fair while!
it took us around 1hour D: but it is so so worth it and plus everyone comments on how awesome they are so if you have some spare time out of doing work/school/family things you should totally try it!
below is what my finished nails look like! 
nail varnish used:
Barry M: Peach Melba&Blue Moon
Rimmel London: in orange
NO7: deep purple&white
OPI: red
(the one bad thing about this is that when you
dip in your fingers you get nail varnish all over your
fingers :/ You will see why in the instructions!)

  1. find an old yoghurt pot, tin, box or a container that you can put water in and a finger! You will also need a cocktail stick. Also make sure your nails have some form of base coat whether that is just your normal base coat or a colour (i recommend white as it goes with anything!) as the nail varnish can stick to something!
  2. fill up your container with cold water, grab as much nail varnish as you can find and get on a table and maybe cover it up with news paper so you dont drop anything on the table!!
  3. once you have done that - place 1 drop of your chosen nail varnish (preferably a dark/bright colour) and watch it expand, it should go into a circle shape. If not clear out the water and try again! if your first colour is successful QUICKLY so it doesnt dry place another colour in and add as many colours as you would like (preferably 3) and have fun watching them expand! this step is all about trial and error - you need to try as many nail varnishes as you can to get the best results! 
  4. grab your cocktail stick and drag in the colours to make a swirly pattern (again QUICKLY!)
  5. then once you think 'thats a cool pattern' place one of your finger nails HORIZONTAL on the nail varnish and then straighten the finger into the water you need lots of patience for this step so dont give up keep trying! 
  6. then collect the remaining nail varnish onto the cocktail stick by swirling it around the stick
  7. let the nail dry (by this point your finger will be covered in nail varnish but it does go away!)
  8. do all this again for each nail. i would suggest cleaning the water after every 2nd nail!!

hope you have all found this useful! and show me your results :)
if you would like another one of these i am going to try Splat Nails!
thanks for reading - like and comment
Amie x x

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