Sunday, 3 March 2013

Just Overwhelmed Really..

Aloha my darlings - this weeks word... Faille! This is a silk material which is less shiny than satin and a little more easy to wear and much more slimming! It is the same material as ottoman. However... it is really difficult to work with as it crinkles easy.. and we don't want that do we? 

So after that mini lesson there, I hope we are all feeling well since Monday! I have some news to share...

I went to my interview on Thursday, and met some wonderful ladies who I got on well with which is a really good thing, as I thought I would just be a loner..! But it went well.. which was surprising cause I was really nervous
But on Friday I got an E-Mail.. and well chaps... I GOT IN!!! So I am super happy, and it has really spurred me on to do well in my course work and keep going with my blog!So as you can imagine its been drinks all round, and I was at work when I found it.. I cried.. and the kids didn't quite know how to act.. it was rather amusing
      I should also mention, I am soon to be selling some items on eBay, when I get going I shall link my page (or whatever you call it) on here so you can all have a cheeky look :P

This weeks review.. Jewellery! I am huge hoarder of Jewellery so I thought I would give you a quick tour (through pictures) of my jewellery collection, however... I have too many bracelets so I wont be able to name ALL of them.. but the ones I wear the most I shall let you know.. :)

Jewellery box - this was a gift from my band friends (that's right they are cool!) and I love it, I am yet to purchase another section. It's called stackers and I recommend it to EVERYONE.
Braclet container - this is something I found in my kitchen at home, it's from Cath Kidston, and its an ice cream dish. I thought it was a cute little something to place my most worn bracelets in, and the colours went well with my room!

Bracelet box - this is a box I got years ago with benefit make-up in, but I loved the box too much to throw away, so as you can see ALL of my bracelets are in there.. so so many!

Necklaces... these are the ones I wear the most, I will show you the section(s) they are in and then the actual ones, *oooo the suspension*

this is the section... it looks so messy.. I am sorry!

so these bad boys are the necklaces I wear the most out of all my necklaces that I own.
Left = Urban Outfitters, this is my most worn necklace! I wear it all the time
Second from the left = H&M, I really wanted a chain, but not something stereotypical. So i got this as I am a fan of rose gold and because it is so different. Yeah I really like it
Third from the left = Topshop, I got this in the sale ages ago..I got it because it was £1.50 and I thought it was rather quirky so I got it, I wear it quite a lot because it is super simple :)
Right = Topshop, I adore this. I wear it with blouses and anything with a boat neck so that it sits along the hem.. I think the colour is super sweet and it goes with everything. Good shout topshop (y)

Rings... these shall be shown in their home in the box, but again the ones I wear the most I shall mention :)


^^these I dont really wear :(                                                 ^^ I wear these ALL the time
So, these little darlings are my rings, I shall be going through the image on the RIGHT!
Top Row from the left
1. This is from H&M and it came with the ring with a little bit of green on. these are super cool to wear on their own for a simple outfit, or great for piling on :)
2. This is from topshop, again I got this in the sale I think it was £1.50 or something, and I love this ring.. HOWEVER.. it makes your finger go green.. and I find that with most topshop rings, but its nothing clear nail varnish can't handle
3. Scrabble ring - this is what my nana made me (y) she got some rings with a plate on the top and stuck on the A.. however it's on the wrong way :') but I love it, it's super quirky

Second row from the left
1. this is a little silver ring that was my mums, but she didn't want it, so its really tiny so i wear this on my 'pinky' 'baby finger' or what ever you call it!!
2.this is another topshop number, and again it is another nail varnish job! But i wear this ring all the time, I love the simple design of the cross on the top

Third row from the left
1. is mentioned above - H&M
2. Topshop again, and it came in a pack with the other cross ring,I often wear them together, which is why they are on top of each other!
3. Now I have no idea where this is from... and I dont really wear it, as it is a bugger to get off your finger, but I love the ring to look at :)

Bottom row from the left
Both are from topshop, and again they came in a pack with number 2.(above) and these are rings I often wear with my pandora heart ring stacked - however you do need some clear nail varnish or your finger will look like shreks finger.. and no one wants that!

Earrings... I have way way way too many, so I have picked out a few to show you - again the ones I wear the most!

this is my storage.. a mess (y) 
bottom section is worn the most!

so the first pair are the vivienne westwood orbs.. I wear this quite a lot actually!
2. these are my Chanel earrings, which my aunty got me one year from a holiday, I really like them :)
3. this is the last of my dangly crosses, so I often pair this with the pearl or the gem :)
4. This is the last of my chanel 'mini' studs -I need to learn not to wear things like this to house parties! They always fall out :(
5. Again the last of my crosses, I think I wear this everyday, it looks great with my sleeper hoops (as shown below)
6/7. these are from a pack of topshop earrings I got when I got my second ear piercing done as I needed some earrings to match up with :)

these are my ear-cuff collection and my sleepers (one is currently being worn!)
1. these are my sleepers, I only ever wear one of the two.. I don't know why, I just like each ear to look different
the rest are all ear cuffs I got in a pack in the topshop sale, I thought they were super cute and I occasionally wapp them on when I have my hair up, cause I am super cool! 

Bracelets... this is my final collection.. my bracelets YAY (from the ice cream tub!)

these are my most worn Bangles...
Top left: this was a gift from my nana as she couldn't wear them anymore, so this is something i wear for good luck and what I wear when I want an outfit to look more sophisticated!
2. this gold bangle is what I got free with a tatler magazine YEARS ago, and I think I wear this everyday, I love it!
Bottom left: this is what I got as a gift from my aunty when I was her bridesmaid, I wear this a lot, and I pair it with my nana's bracelet :)
2. This cream number, is part of a pack I got in Miss Selfridge, I really like this one, and I wear this with the gold bangle :) they come as a pair in my eyes!!
3. this is is from Topshop, I got this in the sale for £1 not long ago, I really love this, it gives any outfit an edge, and its rose gold so you can't go wrong!

Top left: this doesn't look that amazing, but ages ago my cousin gave it to me cause she said it went with what I wear, so I wear this quite a lot! It's really simple, and yeah I love it!
2. this again, is a topshop number! I got this in the sale when i got my cube necklace! I think it's super cute and I wear this with my other studded bracelet :)
Bottom Left: this is a bracelet that the little girl i babysit made me with her mummy, she gave me this as a bestfriend bracelet, so again I wear this nearly all the time :)
2. this is from H&M I got this last summer with my friend, we both loved them, she got her's in black and mine in brown, and we use them as a friendship bands! I love this, it's so simple.. but effective!
3. this is a gift I got from my mum's best friend- I wear this everyday without fail. it is so simple but super nice to wear, and the star is meant to bring you luck. I just think its such a nice little item :) 

this is my newest addition  its from Oliver Bonas. My mum got me this as a gift out for getting into all my Uni's and just doing really well in college etc etc! It's something I have had my eye on for a long time, and I just love how simple it is :) I think this is £22, so not bad for Stirling silver 

this is a bracelet that I got as a gift for my 18th from one of my friends mum's, its from Whistles - I adore this! It looks super cute on and goes with everything :)

out of all my jewellery this is my most precious - this is a gift for my 18th from my nana and granddad. It's a Tiffany, and I just love this! It looks amazing on, I wear this just on its own, as you don't need anything else!

finally - this is what my godmother got me for my 18th also, and this again is super lovely! Its really nice on, I often don't realise I have anything on my wrist when I wear it ahaha! but its really pretty to wear on it's on and with other items :) 

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my jewellery collection, *disclaimer - in no way was this me bragging about what items I have - this was just something I thought you would enjoy seeing, as I know I enjoy looking at other people's jewellery* let me know if you would like a visual guide of anything else!

Thank you for reading - like and comment
see you mid-week next week :)

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