Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The only way is up!

Aloha my lovlies - so where was I last week?! I was revelling in my own misery of my results of my Alevel resits/real A2 exams... so I was at rock bottom, so this is my post from last week with this little cheeky opening!

So as I am re-writing this.. it is snowing a blizzard outside, I really don't understand this weather at all.. I dont want it to snow! I want some warm weather so I can wapp out the dresses -.- not amused! SORT IT OUT WEATHER!

Exams, without going into too much detail, they didn't go well! But for anyone who hasn't done that well and you're beating yourself up about it. Don't! I have come to learn in this past week to turn everything into a positive and keep your head up.
As my aunty always says: "When you hit rock bottom, the only way is up"
Motivation done. *takes bow* 

So this weeks AOTW.. I am going to cheat and I am going to include 2 and you can listen to both, none or one!

1. Amy Winehouse, I Facebooked last week that I was writing this to her album(s) and how excited I was... (that was until the day of posting this which was on Thursday, when I got my results)
I love her voice, and it wasnt until I was listening to my Ipod on shuffle and she came on and I got hooked!
I recommend the album Lioness Hidden Treasures. The track I personally am hooked onto is "Valerie ('68 version)" its just super easy to listen to and it makes you chilled!

2. A band which I have been ADORING this week is The 1975 they are a British Indie group. formed in Manchester in 2002!
Their debut EP music for cars is just fantasitc! the songs mentioned below you can find on here!
one song which I highly recommend is Chocolate (linked below) but if you want another one a good one to have a listen to is Sex (no it isnt rude!)

If money was no option...
this past 2 weeks, there is many things I need money for. But I think I am going to let many of you down by saying,
If money was no option I would be buying some 1D tickets, cause that shizz looks pretty deece! I aren't going to lie, I would LOVE to see them live! omg.

But on a serious note, I think I would buy the topshop Whitney Tan Mega Wedges in the colour tan.
I think they are super cool, and would brighten up any outfit! They do look out there but I think thats what I like most about them! As I always say Go bright or Go home!

aren't they beautiful?!

What has this week got in store for me?
*sound nerd alarm* I am going my brass band contest on Sunday WOO! So not only will there be just me rocking out in my uniform there will be more brass nerds than ever all in one town. I don't think the people of Darlington are really ready! do you?
However, If you follow me on twitter & instagram I shall be going through my daily happenings from getting ready all the way to the long drunken drive home on the bus!
the best thing about Sunday? The fact we go to primark... So I am planning on getting a fair few things, this is about the only time of the year I go to primark so I am going all out! 
On the Saturday, my aunt turns the big 30.. so a party will be underway, with us getting the famalam together for a little drink and ample amounts of food.. mmm... 
On Friday night.. Its comic relief so I wont be doing ANYTHING. I will be glued to the TV until it ends! I love it... also one direction will be coming on to sing and omg I do NOT want to miss this, I think I could cry. omg I love Harry. *faints*

In the spirit of Comic relief here is my top 5 best singles:
1. Spice Girls - Who do you think you are

2. Boyzone - When going gets tough
3. McFly - It's all about you

4. Gareth Gates & The Kumas - Spirit in the sky
5. One Direction - One way or another (teenage kicks)

So on the Wednesday I would stay tuned because I shall be doing my Inspirations of the week, fashion word of the week and I might to a Nail Varnish Collection.. I haven't decided!

Hope you have a cracking rest of the week (y)

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