Friday, 22 March 2013

Nerding out

This weeks FWOTW is... Shahtoosh! This natural fiber (half as fine as the best cashmere) has been banned since 1980 because it comes from an endangered antelope.
I chose this word because it is such a fun word to say! Eventhough it is infact banned, it is such a fun word!

Aloha my loves, so after my nerdy week out of the way I can successfully say that coming last has made no change to me being the nerd that I am, don't worry! However, since we did come last, in other news I did go to primark and I did buy lots of clothes... My bad! *visual aid of the clothes this weekend!*

As many know I have been trying to get fit recently, and I am doing well!! Currently doing yoga and Zumba/legs bums and tums to try and keep the pounds off, and as hard as it is I am really enjoying it! Many don't believe that I am finally doing it, but I can clarify that I am YES!! and I am already seeing differences.. so heres to having a beach bod!

I am currently writing this in my music lesson, I have no motivation to sit and compose a piece..its in for next week and omg I  just havent got the concentration so I figure I might as well do something productive with my time..right..

For those wanting to know what my most worn outfit this Month has been...
It is my Topshop Disco Pants - they are the best dupe I have found to the American Apparel ones. Luckily I bagged mine on eBay so I got them super cheap which I am happy about! They are super comfy and go with anything! So if you havent got a pair already, its worth getting a pair..Seriously..

this week's artist comes the lovely Nina Nesbitt. the scottish 18 year old singer/song writer from Scotland!
Her voice is super lovely and her songs are just beaut! My current fave is 'Stay Out' which is her new up and coming single :)
However, if you want another other fave is Boy, which you are able to buy on Itunes now!

currently listening to the song Little Numbers by the girl duo Boy! Please have a listen because this song is just so amazing! Got me so psyched for the summer

Inspiration of the week......



as always you can find these pictures on my tumblr! 
I thought I would end on my favourite film of all time, The Devil Wears Prada <3

Hope you all enjoy your weekends, and I shall see you all soon 

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