Monday, 29 October 2012


Not only am i 18 now so i can buy a monkey.. I am writing for The Gazette & Herald the local newspaper of our county... exciting times :D the topic... Jazz Club.. exciting times i know! but it is a start and a head in the right direction :P
I have also really got into wearing my onesie again.. this is sad times.. it really does show how lazy i am :/
In other news: i have died my hair.. new dip dye WOOP, piccys shall be uploaded soon (y)

now its half term.. going to blog as much as i can :D be prepared for some scary outfits.. watch this space :P

What are my weekly addictions? Annie Mac Presents 2012.. Oh my days! its such a good album, i have it on loads! Swedish House Mafia - Until Now... another great album, it's their last one *sheds tear* And a new band called Imagine Dragons, check them out guys! they are so so so so good :D

Makeup - lately i have been buying lots of make-up.. I got the New 'Kate Moss matte lipstick' for Rimmel in shade 107 And its amazing, i love how it looks on the lip, i think i am going to buy the other colours ;)
I got the Rimmel wake me up Concealer in shade 010 Ivory. I really like it for under the eyes as it isn't heavy at all, and lasts ageeees!
I got some new Stay matte powder.. the best powder in the whole world!




As always the glorious tumblr helped me here :) if you like any of these you can find them on my tumblr :)

thanks for reading chaps - see you all soooon  
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