Friday, 27 July 2012

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Bonjour! Finally home, comfy, relaxed and back into blogging again after 2 weeks off ;) come on it was much needed!
Paris was amazing - i feel in love with everything instantly. I know people say 'omg its changed me' blah blah blah! but i actually loved it! I think from a fashion prospective it's inspired me to carry on my dream of becoming a journalist... and i think that's a good thing! The fact that the weather was lush made things much better too as the weather made my mood brighter! 

P.s.. Disney land was incredible. My dream of meeting Cinderella has been fulfilled OOOP!
I got some nice bit and pieces! I got the mother some L'Occotaine hand cream.. (in french) the Lavande one :P For myself: Guns and Roses vest top, Chanel Chance perfume, Old Vogue poster from the 1960's, Kiko milano concealer in 02 & Matte Lipstick in shade 278 and some little nic- nacs (y) If i was to complain about anything it would be the smell in some parts.. and in the hostel we stayed in there was a burnt window, the food wasn't great, bathroom was tiny and smelt when we arrived..(not after i left though!) but everything else was brill :)
Tomorrow i am going to post the piccy diary that i did - my phone app was rubbish so i couldn't write my blog... i think i was being a bit dimm! never mind!

The English weather this week! crack on! its been brill - had my legs out and had some ice cream! life = complete! not only this but i got my iPod classic working, this has to be the best day ever! i finally decided i should maybe get it working again, so now i have 60GB to work with, not bad, not bad at all!! So with this came all the old music.. and oh boy there was some classics, one being Lil' Chris.. wow.. this is a tune ;)
so i thought what is he up to now a-days and i couldn't find anything but he looks much older and he has piled on some pounds....

New Summer songs:
01. Sam and the Womp -Bom Bom - Fearne Cottons big thing this week... OMG YES! gets me dancing every time :')

02. Lianne la Havas - gone & Age - amazing woman nothing more i can say! just so so good!
03. Passion Pit - Take a walk - such a calm song that makes me smile everytime :)
04. Newton Faulkner - Brick by Brick & Clouds - this mans voice is incredible. just sheer amazing!
05. Porter Robinson - Language - Summer anthem, i can dance to this and it just fits well with the image of sun and ice cream :P

*4weeks to leeds fest :D*

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Amie x x

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