Monday, 9 July 2012

Vegetarians/bagels/fizzy fangs/Shopping

You know what I love? A bacon and philadelphia bagel omg they are so yummy - the sad thing is is that they are so fatty... Oh dear! I need to shed some pounds :/
So i went into sainsburys and i went down the sweetie isle and i came across Fizzy Fangs.. whoa my god. so so so so so good! i think i like them more than Percy Pigs. if you get chance buy some  they are only.. wait for it... 49p :D amazing. 

So last night I went out with some friends and one got rather sad they he didn't have a 'woman' in his life - but he dumped his last gf's as they were vegetarians :/ I personally found it wrong as its unfair but many people I was out with said it was fair enough! Ahh dear! i do worry about those people sometimes...

So shopping tomorrow hopefully going to get some nice bargains like the Zara bag I mentioned I really hope they have it! I shall post the piccys of the things I bought and I what I intend on doing with them later on! Writing this at work in my phone so this couldn't make any sense or it could be fine! We shall soon find out haha!

so this is what went through in my plan.. and here's what happened. I went to zara excited abour my bag.. it was horrible :/ i didnt like it at all! so i am bagless D: the most horrid thing ever! to make things worse i couldnt find my skirt or the purse.. so i am currently crying in misery cause i didnt stick to my list!!
i got some jewellery though and a few tops and some shorts.. thats right.. more! i am going to do a blog soon about the jewellery and shorts and tops! so hopefully you will have a cheeky read :P

hope this wasnt too weird for you to read! 

thanks for reading - like and comment
Amie x x

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