Thursday, 12 July 2012


yesterday was possibly the best day ever. I came home from college and came upstairs and found the most AMAZING shoes ever sat on my bed! they were those Blue&white high tops from riverisland.. wanted them for so long and now they are mine YES!
with this was a new cath kidston washbag filled with stuff to take to Paris with me (only5 days to go!!) 

so this made me realise that my mum is both amazing and loves buying stuff to take on holidays cause there was loads of little things that were pretty cool, my mum is amaze XX
so next week cause i am away i am going to do a little blog from my phone daily just to say what i have been up to just to keep you all posted! there may be a few piccys in there if you're lucky :P

clothes wise - i have no idea what i am taking :/ i need to get planning.. i have all day monday so thats all good but i think i need to decide what to take as we are going on a few evening meals so i think nice clothes would be a good thing.. i think i shall be taking numerous pairs of shorts, 2 dresses, 1pair of jeans, a skirt, jumper, denim shirt etc.. apparently i need to pack light.. that isnt happening. . .

not only this i need to decide what to buy from duty free.. i think i need to splash out the euros there.. i would be a fool not to! but i think if you recommend any top brands that would be great i need some kind of idea what i need!
only a short one today. short and to the point i feel!
thanks for reading - like and comment
Amie x x

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