Wednesday, 4 July 2012

soothers/amazing moment/new stuff i want to try

what is it about Soothers that makes them so yummy? their fruity goodness? there amazing scent? you all may think whoa my god she is strange, but think about it! they are fruity and taste AMAZING and when that gooey goodness pops into your mouth its just amazing. i love it so much! i think i need to stop eating them, as i feel i could get ill from it.. if i can please comment and tell me!! why am i randomly saying this... well i have a cold and i cant stop coughing! its a really pathetic cough as well, its really weezy and ticklely a lot like an old man.. its horrid!! those who have hay fever will understand what i am going through. I HATE YOU HAY FEVER.

recently i have been told that people want to dress like me, which i was amazed by because i never think i am fashionable in ANYWAY at all! i dress for my mood and that's about it! not much thought goes into it at all :/ so i was touched when my friend got the same clothes as me.. and i mean the exact copy.. but she said that she just loves the way i dress so somehow i felt touched! (however before hand i was quite mad as they were the 2 items of clothes i consider my 'staple' items.. and are me so to start with i was what i like to call.. cheesed off!)  also the children i work with at band (geek alert!) all say i am the most fashionable person they know... i felt somehow relieved because i now know that i don't dress badly and happy cause people like the way i dress! enough of this now!!
guess who is part of the nominations of 6th form President.. BOOM! elections next week - wish me luck ;)

So i have been doing some research and looking around there is some things i want to buy and makeup i figured i needed to test out because so many people are raving about them! and since i need to manage my money i figured writing a list would make things MUCH better! so i am going to tell you guys what i am planning on testing! 
  • BB cream from Maybelline - i have heard it does 'wonders' for your skin so you know what i am going to try some! (£7.99)
  • Maxfactor 2000 calorie mascara - this is meant to make your lashes look fuller and longer and since i have some boots points to use why not?
  • Zara Bucket Bag with double handle in Black - i have been raving about this bag! i need it for paris as it is so chic also can i add.. £16.99 in the sale. YES PLEASE. 
  • Monki - i have heard great things about this online store and i figured that i neeeeed to buy some things off it! so i have come to the conclusion i shall get the: Sonia Make-up Bag in Ducky egg blue. Also the Miracle Purse in Milk 'n' Caviar. Basically these are just to go into the new bag so in the purse i shall put the essentials eg Euro's, Cards, Passes etc etc. and the make-up bag shall hold my essentials. (might not get both.. i arent too sure yet)
  • Topshop Leopard sunglasses - they are the classical 90's round shape and since i am going to be wearing midi/maxi skirts for some of the days i thought i might get some to work up the look. here is the ref code online incase i have described these badly!!  22P38BBLK
so here is just a few things i shall be getting to get my essentials for Paris underway! i may do an outfit plan for some of the days because i cant take that much with me in my suitcase :( i hate limits so i think this is where my organisations skills really need to be used!

if you found any of these items useful for other reasons State in a comment
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