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ice cream/sales/beauty products

is it just me or is ice cream the most addictive desert ever? it goes with everything and is so so yummy... but cause of this crap weather i havent been able to full fill my ice cream expectations! it is july now and we have had 1/2 weeks of good sunny weather. SORT IT OUT WEATHER.
so as you all know i love a good bargain and i have been doing my webb searching and Zara = top marks for sales! i am going to paris in 3weeks and i figured as i am going to a fashionable place i should invest in new clothes/bags/purses etc so i fit in!
Zara have a good deal with bags.. so i shall post the piccys of the purchases when i go in a weeks time! (excited!) 
topshop i was a tad disappointed with which is a shocker for me cause i live in their items, whether it was because i was with Harry at the time and wasnt concentrating i arent sure but i wasnt too impressed :/ 

so i have decided i should really give you some idea of what make up i own... because i feel you are all waiting in anticipation. I dont really wear much because my skin is rather fresh and i dont really break out in spots which i am thankful for!! however i dont really use that higher end makeup mainly because i cant afford it and because i feel i arent old enough.. i dont know why but even though i am 18 soon i still feel a child when looking on their stands i feel slightly intimidated by their evil glares so i just walk away. foolish i know!

Foundation: i have tried so many in the past and so many have worked and some i have thought crap that is orange and slides of my face. i keep going off track sorry! so the 2 i use at the moment. 
Rimmel wake me up in 100 Ivory
é even better in 01 alabaster 
both of these are my ultimate favourite foundations! i buy rimmel foundations all the time mainly because they work really well with my skin tone. I know i said i dont tend to buy 'high end' makeup but i found that with cliniqué i could just go up and ask what i like to call 'teen friendly' beauty helper people and they tell me what i need to know and dont glare me out cause i am too young...(i have seen year8's go to clinique i figured i could also go up!) i think for both of these if you have oily skin these wouldn't work as well as they are rather heavy.

Powder: i have never tried powder because i felt that it didnt really do much and mainly because i didnt understand it (failure) until one of my friends said 'you should try it in summer as it is light on the skin' so being easily led.. i did. I do not regret it AT ALL. i wear it on days when i cba to put on foundation or when i feel i look shiny!
Rimmel stay matte pressed powder in 005 silky beige 
BeneFit Georgia 
i love this as it really stays on my face all day and it does what is says on the tin. i will definitely be buying this product again! again i may have told a little lie about high end products but i find with Benefit is that its 'teen-friendly' and i get it as prezzies from my mum and family members and because this is incred on my skin so when i have money to spare (which i warn isnt often!) i get the products

Bronzer: i have always liked the idea of being slightly brown and so i thought instead of fake tanning my face bronzer would make me look a little more healthy on the face! and there is one product which i ADORE and i can't stress enough how much i love this! 
Bourjois bronzing powder in medium 51 
(its in french so i tried my GCSE skills dont kill me if i am wrong!)
what i love about this product is that it has lasted me a long time and it always looks amazing makes my cheek bones stand out and who can complain about that!? also i love the smell... weird i know.. but omg its amazing! if you get it.. take a whiff and you will be blown away by the scent!

Blusher/Primer/Highligher (if used): i think i have done this in a strange order.. but i have just been grabbing stuff and writing about it! oops! i dont use either very much only when my face looks dull and need some brightening or if i feel like it! (both products where gifts from my mum otherwise i wouldnt get them!)
Benefit primer that gal
Benefit Blusher in Coralista 
Benefit Watts Up
Benefit Moon Beam
Yeves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (lost box i think it is in the lightest shade!)
what i love about these is that they last all day and i love not having to re-apply makeup during school time as it takes so much effort and people stare at you in the bathroom and that is NEVER fun! like i said above my mum bought me these as gifts for a variety of reasons otherwise i wouldnt get them as they are too pricey!!haha

(this is taking a while chaps i am sorry - if you dont want to read dont! cause we have the eyes to go at yet!!)

Eyeliner: i like to change from liquid/pencil/gel depending on where i am going and what i am doing! to keep it snappy.. Pencil pretty much never as i find it smudges but i do sometimes when i think omg need to use it.. then realise why i havent.. Liquid i use EVERYDAY i love it! Gel when i go out partying and need something to last the evening.
pencil: Cliniqué khol 201 black (if your fancy Kohl liner)

collection 2000 eyelines in soft navy
Liquid: collection 2000 fast stroke black 1
Gel: Maybelline lasting drama gel liner 01 black

Mascara: like liner i love to change what i use depending on mood or what my eyes look like! i arent going to go into them too much because i own so many that its hard to explain D: but i own both black/brown and colour so this should be fun! (i will in the near future do a mascara review! for those who like high street brands like me!)
Maxfactor waterproof Masterpiece high def in black
Maxfactor lash extension effect (waterproof) in black
Rimmel London scandaleyes in 001 black
Benefit BADgal lash mascara in black
Benefit BADgal lash macara in blue 
(sadly this is no longer avaliable but i bought it in heaps as it was limited edition!)
Benfit BADgal lash mascara in Plum (great for blue eyes!)
Estee Lauder double-wear zero sumdge curling mascara in 01 black
Rimmel London Glam'eyes day2night in 001 black
Proof of how much i own D: this is bad guys...

Lipsticks/tints/The one lip Balm: so i am a big lippy person mainly because i like the smell.. and because i love my lips i dunno why but i do! i own so many lip products that i think it is also worrying :/ so like my mascara i am going to list them all and hope for the best! However there is only ONE lip balm i use and that is Carmex. I LOVE this product i think it is 50/50 whether people like it or not as some dont like the tingly effect and some hate the smell/taste. i love both and it works wonders on my lips after playing my cornet all day! (band geek alert.. sound the alarm) unlike most girls i dont like lip gloss that much as i havent found the correct consistency that doesnt stick and i find it too shiny *shrugs shoulders* i dunno am i being too picky and difficult? i dunno... here we go
Barry M Lip paint Pale Nude 154
Revlon Matte 001 nude attitude
Look Beauty Toffe Cup shade 4
Rimmel London Moisture Renew vintage Pink 180
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Drop Of Sherry 058
Magic Lips Green 10 
(okay guys this isnt Green.. it is magic and turns a brightish pink on the lips depending
on your natural lip tone.. clever i know!!!)
Benefit California Kissin'
Benefit Posie tint 
Benefit Lip Tint balm and liquid
Nivea pearly shine

so i am finally done - i hope you have found me rambling on about what i own useful.. i have now realised how much i own D: oh dear...

i shall let you go now, 
thanks for reading like and comment
Amie x x 

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